If you are interested in hunting with us, just call (325)643-5700 or email me (Jason) for availability or reservations. Click here for more info on whitetail hunting.

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We take pride in the fact that we give personal service to our hunters. If you book a hunt, it will only be you and/or your group on the ranch. All trophy hunts are fully guided to maximize your chances of harvesting what you are looking for.

11901 FM 45 South

Brownwood TX 76801

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T-enCino Ranch

Tee Bar Encino Ranch

Native and Exotic game hunting

Family owned and operated

Huge axis buck. 152 ROE. His first axis

Trophy whitetail 196 B&C

Last updated 7/17

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trophy 170 b&c native genetics buck

Our biggest buck to date. 12 pts. 19 1/2 spread. 37 mass. Completely Brown Co. native genetics. No pen released deer.

Trophy axis 152 B&C

Monster mainframe 7pt w/ kickers. 16pts.

181 B&C gross

Native Brown Co. genetics