I’ve had the privilege of following the growth of this buck through the years since he was a yearling in 1999 and have named him Honcho.  As a yearling Honcho had a small 8 point frame with a small sticker point near his base.  As a two year old he had the same 8 point frame with 2 small sticker points near his bases.  He kept this same antler pattern over the next 3 years growing larger overall. 


Starting out at an estimated 80-90 inches Boone and Crocket at age 2, he has gained an average of 12 inches each year till age 5.  In this photo at age 6 1/2 he exploded from a typical 4x4 frame to a 4x9 frame scoring around the upper 140’s.  On his left antler he has a split g1, split g2 w/ kicker, and a g3 w/ 2 kickers.


Whitetail bucks don’t reach their full potential (as fully evident in this photo) till 6 1/2 - 8 1/2 years of age.  Consequently this buck is off limits for hunters until at least next year.  We’ll see what he does then.


It was the peek of the rut when I took this photo.  He was on a doe and would not leave her even though I drove near him in a truck.  Whitetails get very aggressive too in the rut fighting other males.  I saw him the day after I took this photo and he had broken off one of his main tines.  Obviously another buck tried to take his doe away from him.


We harvested this awesome creature the fall deer season of 2005.  He was 7 1/2 years old and gross scored 159 1/2.  It was a great experience to watch him grow to maturity.  “Honcho” will be missed.