License Requirements

Resident of Texas


-Currently for Texas residents, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department charges $23 for hunting only.†

-A combination hunting/fishing license (super combo) is $59.


Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete a Hunter Education Training Course.† Children 17 and under are not required to have this if accompanied by an adult.


Non-residents (out of state)


-General hunting license is $300.† This license allows you hunt white-tailed deer, turkey, javelina, and exotics.†

-Spring turkey only license is $120.†

-If you are interested in exotics and some native species, there is a special hunting license for $125.† This license does not include white-tailed deer.†

-Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also offers a special 5 day hunting license for $45 if you just want a temporary license for exotic hunting and some native species.† This does not include white-tailed deer.


-For more information call toll-free (800) 792-1112 or visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department web site at


Deposits can be made by check or money order made out to T-encino Ranch or Jason Glass and mailed to:


11901 FM 45 south

Brownwood, Texas 76801


Deposits are required to reserve a hunt and will secures your hunt† and hunt date.† The rest of the trophy fee is due after the hunt.† Trophy fees can be made by check, money order, or cash.† Currently, we do not accept credit cards.† Deposits are refundable up until 6 weeks of the hunt.† Please call (325-643-5700) or email me for more details.†


Up front costs for animals with trophy fees:


Mgt. whitetail:† $1000

Trophy whitetail:† $2000

Axis buck:† $2000

Blackbuck:† $2000

Fallow buck:† $2000

exotics:† $2000


I feel using a per day fee plus harvest fees is a fair pricing scheme.† You donít pay full price if you donít harvest.† My goal is repeat business and so far most of my hunters have returned.† Weíve had some hunters that were after just one particular animal, but came back to hunt the same species or different species.† To date we have only had 2 hunters that never got a chance and didnít have to pay a harvest fee.† 13 years

Processing and Taxidermy

-Animals harvested on the ranch are caped and quartered.† The hunter is responsible for the meat after that.† Bring a cooler or something to transport the meat in.† If time permits, there are local processors that can process the meat for an additional charge.


-If you travel by airplane, sometimes airlines require meat to be frozen to travel back.† There are usually additional charges for additional weight and/or quantity.† Be sure and check your airline for more details.


-If you desire, a local taxidermist can mount your trophy for an additional fee .† General turn around time is about 6 to 9 months, sometimes less.† Most whitetails can be shipped UPS, but larger animals must be shipped by freight.† We have photos and a price list from the local taxidermist on hand at the lodge.