Exotic Game Price List

Base fee is $200 per day w/ a 2 day minimum and includes meals, lodging, and guiding. The deposit is not refundable within 6 weeks of the hunt. All antler scores are gross scores. Prices may be subject to change without notice. Non-hunting guests are $100 per day.

In the case that an animal is wounded, as determined by the guide, full harvest fee is due whether or not the animal is found. All efforts will be made to find wounded animals.




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Last updated 7/17

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Day Rate $200 per day/2 day minimum


Harvest fee

Axis Buck

There is a harvest fee of $1600 for a trophy buck: min cost is $2000. Axis bucks that exceed a total of 150 inches are considered super gold bucks and will have a $2200 harvest fee: total cost min $2600. Your guide will inform you if your buck will go super gold before harvest. This hunt includes 1 axis doe when available. As of 7/04 we have harvested 2 super gold axis buck.



$2200 for super gold


Fallow Buck

Hunt includes 1 fallow doe when available.





Blackbuck Antelope

Hunt includes 1 blackbuck doe when available.






Scimitar Horned Oryx

This hunt is for the beautiful scimitar-horned oryx. Click here to see a photo of an oryx on the ranch.





Red Stag

This hunt is for a mature gold medal trophy Red Deer stag.






This hunt is for a mature gold medal trophy audad. 28+





Ram (Corsican, Black Hawaiian)

This hunt is for a ram of at least 1 curl. Harvest fee depends on what medal category it falls into: bronze; silver; gold


$400 bronze

$600 silver

$800 gold


Exotic Does

1 day hunts available (no meals/lodging). $100 guide fee.



$250 blackbuck

$250 axis/fallow