White-tailed deer hunting


A cull management buck is included with trophy buck packages as long as they are available.† One doe is also included w/ management and trophy hunts if available.


Full payment is due before all hunts.† On trophy whitetail a minimum of $2000 is due before the hunt.†


Currently we are in our 18th year of management.† Our top end trophy bucks average in the 140 Ė 196 B&C gross range and anywhere from 10 to 16 points.† For more information on cost of the different hunts, go to the price list for native animals.


We do offer combination hunts.† If you are interested in a combo hunt, just call or email me for a price quote.† Typically itís $300 off combined hunts but varies w/ different animals.


The majority of hunting for whitetail bucks is done by stand hunting over a feeder, food plot, or both.† After the morning ďrush hourĒ and things slow down, we will usually do a little walking and rattling.† We then break for lunch and a ciesta if needed, and head back out to the blinds by 3 to 4 pm.† Whitetails respond well to rattling during the rut which peaks around thanksgiving in our area.† There is a second (less strong) peak about a month later.† When the hunt is over, the animal is quartered and put on ice.† We have a great local taxidermist if you wish to leave your animal.



You are permitted to use whatever legal means to harvest the animal.† We do have a limited number of tripods and blinds suitable for bow hunters.† All buck hunts are fully guided.† Since it is difficult to fully guide bow hunters, Iíd rather have just 1 bow hunter at a time.† It is $200 per day to continue your hunt beyond the set number of days of the hunt, provided those days are not booked.

General Hunting


A Texas hunting license is required for nearly all types of hunting.† Click here for more info.† You are permitted to use whatever legal means at your disposal to harvest your trophy.† I do request that you let me know how you intend to harvest your animal so that I can be prepared (ie: bow hunters and stand placement).† We use a variety of hunting methods depending on what species we are hunting.† Whitetails are usually easiest to hunt from blinds, while axis deer, being gregarious, are easier to hunt by spot and stalk and sometimes blinds.


Typically hunters arrive sometime after lunch, sign the necessary information page and release form, check the guns at the rifle range, and prepare for the afternoon hunt.† For a 2 day hunt, you hunt that evening, the following day, the next morning, and then departing by around noon.


Rifle hunters:† Please bring at least 1 full box (preferably 2 or more) of ammo that is the exact same make and bullet weight.† It may be necessary to adjust your scope with multiple shots.† Different ammo shoots differently.† Besides different bullet weights shooting differently, cartridges of the same bullet weight but different makers (ex: Remington 30-06 - 150 grain and Federal 30-06 - 150 grain) will shoot differently and sometimes by more than 5 inches.† I have witnessed this myself.† Itís better to be safe than ending up with a wounded animal and a several thousand dollar mistake.


Before the hunt, donít forget to get your necessary license.† If you are not sure what all you need, just email or call me and I can help.† There is also more info on the details page.†


VERY IMPORTANT:† We do not allow the sharing of game harvest.† For example:† If† hunter 1 finishes early and his buddy hasnít gotten anything, hunter 1 cannot harvest one of his buddies game unless hunter 1 pays extra for extra game he harvests.† For example, an extra turkey would be $250.† Other fees available upon request.


You are allowed to bring whatever alcohol you want for when the hunt is over.† Click here to review a copy of the ranch rules.